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Bad Faith Insurance Demands in Car Accident Cases

Every day, Illinois is the scene of car accidents. It shouldn't surprise that Illinois has about 6,000,000 car accidents each year. Insurance companies have a strategy and know what to do to block or withhold fair compensation from the victims. How can we stop this from happening? Continue reading to hear Brent Eames, a top […]

Blind Spot Track Accidents In Chicago IL

Chicago is the busiest city in the United States. It is the third most populous US city, with just over 2.7million residents. Large trucks that deliver various goods and materials are seen daily in Chicago to support the city’s industry and satisfy consumer demand. Large trucks can be very dangerous, even though they are necessary. Truck accidents can […]

What Type Of Car Accident Injuries Do You Have?

As your injury attorney representing you, we are responsible for determining the extent of your injuries/damages and how they affect you now and in the future. Debilitating motor vehicle personal injuries caused by someone else’s negligence will require medical attention and time. We can secure maximum compensation for your recovery if we have all the […]

Car Accident Case With Unique Circumstances

Not all car accidents are the same and each case presents a unique set of issues, challenges and circumstances which must be carefully considered to maximize the recovery of injured parties. To help you better understand your auto accident claim, here are some examples from car accidents which demonstrate some of the factors that can affect your […]

When And Why A Car Accident Insurance Claim Is Denied

When filing an insurance claim, there are always a few things to consider. You must always ensure you file your claim correctly and attach all necessary documentation, and understand that even if you have filed properly, there is no guarantee your claim will be approved or that you will be fairly compensated. The Law Offices of […]

How Do I Know If I Have An Auto Accident Case?

Thousands of innocent people receive injuries or lose their life every year due to auto accidents. Some individuals may not understand the legalities of auto accidents or know if they have an auto accident case. Learn whether you or your loved one potentially has an auto accident case. Auto Accident Fatalities Statistics The National Highway […]