Commercial Truck Accidents

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Commercial Truck Accidents In Illinois

Whenever there is a semi-truck or big rig present in an accident which resulted in injury, there are unique issues that must be resolved when dealing with the personal injury case. Semi-truck drivers are required to follow federal and state regulations, as well as have insurance that has higher limits than standard auto insurance policies. It is possible that the semi truck driver may not be the only individual with financial responsibility in these situations. Given these realities, those injured by an at-fault semi-truck driver are more likely to reach a fair injury settlement than a traditional car accident involving two non semi-trucks. Below are the factors concerning injury cases involving semi-truck accidents.

There are many state and federal regulations pertaining to manufacturing, owning and operating of a semi-truck. Examples include the weight a rig can transport, the duration of a trip a driver can undergo without sleep, and quality control standards for the trucks themselves represent some of the regulations that exist. For most instances, if the plaintiff is not at fault, the defendant has violated at least one statue or ordinance. These violations are significant, as they improve the likelihood of the plaintiff’s success in a trial. Whenever the plaintiff has a high probability of winning at trial, the defense is more inclined to settle, preventing loosing at trial.

The fact that semi-truck drivers are required to have more insurance than other drivers is important. This higher limit allows for a larger settlement to be reached. Typically, the maximum amount that a settlement can reach is dictated by the policy limit for the defendant’s insurance. Therefore, any plaintiff who was not negligent in an accident involving a semi-truck will have a good chance of receiving a sizable settlement, which will cover the extent of all damages resulting from the accident.