Downers Grove Dog Bite Lawyers

Downers Grove Dog Bite Lawyers

Millions of people are a victim of dog attacks every year.

Paul FinaThese attacks can cause severe trauma and emotional distress, sometimes resulting in permanent scarring. Many dogs bite victims, primarily children, need reconstructive and reparative surgery to heal fully. Even small dogs can inflict severe injuries like finger amputations, scarring, infection, and blindness. Larger dogs can cause more harm, and large dogs can inflict nerve damage, amputations, and significant scarring.

Paul J. Fina can help you and your family members if you have been the victim of a dog bite. Our team is adept at leveraging our knowledge and resources to ensure that you receive fair compensation and justice.

Can I protect my rights after a dog attack?

Your injury lawyer will be more prepared to determine if you have a case. What are the steps you should take?

  • Get the phone numbers and names of the dog's owners and witnesses.
  • If you feel the need, seek medical attention.
  • We are notifying animal control authorities.

You can also impose liability.

You can also impose liability on animal control agencies and other public entities that fail to take appropriate action against dangerous dogs. Landlords or homeowners’ associations may be liable if the necessary elements are present.

Depending on the circumstances, liability may not apply for dog bites. If the victim is a dog bite victim, these exceptions may apply.

  • Was it trespassing?
  • A veterinarian or other canine professional was treating the dog at that time
  • was the felony of a crime against the dog's owner
  • You physically abused the dog to provoke it
  • I accepted the risk of being a bit

The law covers you if you are injured while trying to escape an aggressive or ferocious animal. Downers Grove is the first-bite state, which means that even if a dog bites someone for the first time, the victim can seek damages.

What are my legal rights?

Downers Grove law also provides for emotional distress damages and damages based on dog bites. Emotional distress is the mental Pain and suffering caused by being attacked by dogs, being in a "zone of danger," or witnessing the attack on a loved one by a dog.

It is hard to determine compensation for a dog bite victim in Downers Grove. This requires the expertise and knowledge of a Downers Grove dog bite attorney. Our track record is impeccable in estimating damages for a variety of categories, including:

  • Future and current medical treatment
  • Psychological counseling
  • Loss of earnings at work or loss in profits at the victim's company
  • Disfigurement or disability can lead to loss of earning potential in the future.
  • Broken glasses and ripped clothing
  • Medications Pain and suffering
  • Future disability

Despite the clearness of Downers Grove law regarding dog bites, the efficient case requires the help of a Downers Grove dog bites personal injury lawyer. Paul J. Fina has handled thousands of dog bite cases over the years.

Do I have a case if a dog attacked me?

Downers Grove law allows a victim of dog attacks to recover damages from the owner or custodian of the dog.

  • The dog caused the injury.
  • The dog belonged to the defendant.
  • The injured person did not initiate the attack.
  • At the time of the injury, the injured person was peacefully acting.
  • The injured person was at a location where they had a legal right to go at the time of the accident.
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