Downers Grove Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Downers Grove Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injuries are widespread and can be fatal in seconds.

Paul FinaAdditionally, the cost of medical care for the victim over their lifetime can be very high. Having a Downers Grove injury lawyer by your side during this time is crucial to help you understand what your rights are and guide you through the process.

What is a spinal injury?

When trauma causes severe spinal damage, it can result in loss of movement and range of sensation. Your spine protects the spinal cord, a column of nerve tissue, and transmits messages between your brain and the rest of your body. An injury to your spinal column can cause damage to your brain's ability to communicate with your body. A larger body area will be affected if the injury is closer to your head.

The most common spinal injuries are compression, discoloration, and spinal fractures. These injuries can cause severe depression, emotional trauma, or respiratory problems. Paraplegic or quadriplegic spinal cord injuries can leave a victim paralyzed from the waist down (paraplegic).

I don't think I have a case.

Talking to family members or strangers about your accident can discourage you. An experienced injury lawyer can help you determine if you have a valid legal claim. They will consider the standards regarding fall accidents, which were established to protect individuals from personal injury.

What causes spinal cord injuries?

The United States receives approximately 12,500 new spinal injuries each year, and many stems from slips, falls, automobile accidents, or personal injury accidents. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistics Center, these injuries are the most common:

The cost of treatment and recovery from spinal cord injuries is often exorbitant.

A cord injury can profoundly impact your life and maybe devastating if caused by accident. It is possible to take a long time and can be very expensive. Damages in a spinal cord injury case typically include damages that go beyond the reimbursement of medical expenses and "pain & suffering." A damages award may also include compensation for:

  • Rehabilitation and ongoing health care
  • Technology and assistive devices: What is the cost?
  • Modifications to the victim's home

Some people can recover from spinal cord injuries through therapy and treatment, and others may not be able to recover at all and will need ongoing care. This could prove very costly. The Christopher Reeve Foundation estimates that cord injury costs in the first year can range in the hundreds of thousands. The average cost of cord injuries for the first year is $334,170 to $1 023,924.

I have a spinal injury, but not sure if I have a case.

Many spinal cord injury lawsuits stem from negligence. An example of failure is when a car crashes into you while you are bicycling or falls on a staircase. These cases will require you to prove that the person you are suing is legally liable. Sometimes there will be multiple responsible parties. It is possible to need various insurance companies, including drivers, property owners, employees, and employers.

We take the responsibility off your shoulders.

Injured persons should not be forced to pay the financial costs of injuries caused by their negligence. We will take aggressive and prompt measures to hold those responsible for your damages accountable and get you the financial settlement you deserve.

Paul J. Fina's injury lawyers have extensive experience identifying and dealing with insurance companies. We have top-notch litigation lawyers who will represent you in court if we cannot reach a fair settlement.

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