Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are more prone to accidents as compared to cars and other vehicles. Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to be killed in accidents than those who travel in covered vehicles like cars and trucks. Year by year, the number of fatalities due to motorcycle accidents is increasing. According to an estimate, deaths related to such accidents are on the rise since the year 2008.

National highway traffic administration says that almost 4,586 people die in motorcycle accidents in 2014 and left 92,000 people injured. Motorcycles are way more dangerous when it comes to accidents. Motorcyclists are often thrilling, reckless seeker drivers who like to drive fast even in congested traffic lanes. But studies show that mostly, it is not their fault that they end up having an accident.

Report Accident To Your Insurance Company

The second important thing you need to do is to call your insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance agent will ask for the accident details and start processing your accident claim. Never misquote details to your insurance company. Always tell them the exact and truthful information of the accident because if they find out that you mislead them, they will cancel your insurance process.

Hire An Attorney

Hire an experienced lawyer to get help with the claim. An experienced lawyer at Fina law offices will be able to help you by providing additional information on the request you want to process. He can assist you with the other claim that you can claim for compensation. There are two conventional ways you can get a bonus:

  • Without trial
  • With trial

Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages of their own. If you go with the first option of without trial settlement, you may get a lower value than you deserve, but it will be reasonable. There are no risks involved in this option. Whereas the second option will get you the value you want to obtain, which is usually very high. But of course, it involves risks. When you hire a motorcycle accident claim lawyer, he will do the following things to make your claim stronger:

  • He will gather police reports, photographs, and other details of the accident scene.
  • Others involved in the accident will also be researched for accident history or driving history.
  • A motorcycle accident claim lawyer will recreate the whole scenario to get a real-time idea of the situation.
  • He will help you to pay your medical bills if applicable.
  • Pieces of evidence will be collected to make a claim authentic.
  • The lawyer will get in touch with your insurance company so that you can relax after the fatal accident.

Fina law office has decades of experience with helping motorcycle accidents victim throughout the state of Illinois. Please get in touch with us when you get into an accident so that our lawyer can reach you as quickly as possible.

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Common Causes Of Motorcycles Accidents

There are a few common causes of having motorcycle accidents that you should know. That includes:

Making Left Turns

Most motorcycles accidents occur when cars and other vehicles try to make left turns on the highways. This type of accident accounts for 42% of all casualties of motorcycles. Most cars hit the motorcyclists when they try to head straight front he intersection, try to overtake, or pass by the cars. Turning vehicles are often unable to see the motorcyclists coming from behind due to their small size. Motorcycles that try to give the vehicle in the same lane are also more vulnerable to accidents.

Unsafe Road Conditions

Dangerous road conditions such as construction sites, slippery surfaces, loose gravel, or debris on the road are common motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are smaller in size; thus, moving at fast speeds makes them unstable to stop.

Over Speeding

It is another common cause of motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are fun to drive, but they often lose control of it and have an accident. Especially, those drivers who ride super sports bikes are unable to control the speed. Most of these supersport riders are under 30, and they tend to be less cautious while driving. The death rate among super sports riders is higher than conventional motorcycle riders.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting happens when traffic is jammed on the roads or moves very slowly. Motorcyclist tries to move between the cars an often encounter accidents. They get into trouble because they move very close to vehicles, and most car drivers do not imagine that a motorcycle will be passing them. In such situations, motorcycles have minimal space to move between cars, thus makes them vulnerable to accidents.

Use Of Alcohol

About half of the motorcycle’s accidents are due to alcohol problems. Most motorcyclists ride after drinking. There are many car drivers as well who drive while drinking. Still, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to death and injure if they encounter an accident because motorcycles provide way less protection to riders than car drivers.

What To Do If You Are Into A Motorcycle Accident?

There are few key things you need to keep in mind if you get into a motorcycle accident.

Call 911 And Seek Instant Medical Help

Your safety is our priority. Call 911 and seek help if required. Another important thing is if you want to file an insurance claim, never admit fault. Anything and everything you will say can be held against you in the court of law if you’re going to pursue it legally. So research as much information as possible and take notes if possible. The more details you will provide to the insurance company, the stronger your claim would be.