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Defective Drugs Claim

Whether you are using prescribed medicines or on over the counter drugs, you expect them to do you right and treat your medical condition. But sometimes medications do you more harm than good. Everyone expects pharmaceutical companies to test the said drug multiple times to check every aspect of it. Pharmaceutical companies, medical staff, and government agencies are responsible for making a drug safe for use. But sometimes, negligence happens and costs people injuries and even death.

Paul FinaWe at Fina law office help people to file a claim for their loss or injuries. We know how to help you with our experience and knowledge and have been helping people in Downers Grove, IL, for years. We are ready to help and take up the challenge and sue the powerful pharmaceutical companies which cost you colossal damage. Contact us today or at the spot so that we can help to get you a free evaluation of your defective drug claims.

According to research, almost 70% of Americans use prescription drugs every day, and 20% take one or more prescription drugs. One hundred thousand people die from taking prescription drugs every year. Dangerous drugs usually cause harm in the first 12 months of use. It shows that many drugs are not adequately testes for the side effects they can push before they are available in the market. Some pharmaceutical companies release the drugs in the market even after knowing its side effects. So in this manner, pharmaceutical companies are the ones who are responsible for compensating you for your injuries.

The lawyers are Fina law firm knows the in each of these cases, only the manufacturers of the drugs are accountable and should bear the responsibility. It is not necessary if they know about the potential harms in advance or not, and they are liable to pay for the defective drugs produced by them.

Types Of Defective Drugs Claims

1) Manufacturing Defect

This type of claim happens when a drug has a manufacturing defect. A drug can become contaminated during the process, has wrong ingredients, or have improper labeling on the bottle. It is also a possibility that something went wrong during the shipping process. Drugs can get contaminated during the process. A claimant can file for compensation if he is injured by using the product.

2) Dangerous Side Effects

A pharmaceutical company fails to warn the users about the possible side effects of using a drug. Sometimes they do not even know about them as well. It is only after years of using a cure for many years that its side effect emerge. These side effects occur when a drug cannot merge with other chemicals, and no communication before selling the drugs.

Sometimes, the drug companies know about the potential side effects and still decide to bring the drug in the market. If you think you can prove it, you will be able to get a considerable sum of money as compensation for your loss.

3) False/Improper Marketing Of A Drug

If a defective drug user thinks that the pharmaceutical company did not advertise the drug properly and failed to provide necessary instructions to use a specific drug and if he is harmed by it, he can file a claim. This claim also includes the possible side effects a drug has o human beings. It is a terrible advice thing such as the drug company should have advertised about its side effects and the proper instructions to use it. It also involved doctors and pharmacists who did not warn the patient about these things.

Mostly, defective drug claims cover all of the above areas. If you face problems using a defective drug, you can file for manufacturing inadequate, dangerous side effects and the company’s failure to advertise those side effects all at once. Similarly, when filing one of those claims, you can sue the drug manufacturer, the distributors, and those responsible for delivering these drugs to individuals. Such cases have multiple entities involved, such as the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, sales repl., testing labs, hospitals, pharmacy, and the shipping company.

What Should You Do If A Defective Drug Harms You?

If you think that you are facing problems by using a specific drug, we recommend you can do the following steps as soon as possible so that you can file a claim and get what you deserve:

1) Contact Your Physician

Please contact your doctor immediately and talk about the possible side effects you face after using the prescribed medicine. He can help you with whether you should continue using the medication or not. Your health and safety is our priority. So make sure you are safe before you contact us for a free consultation.

2) Get In Touch With FDA

It would help if you let the concerned authorities know about the side effects you have experienced. Go to the FDA’s med watch program and file a report. It will help the agency know about the problems a drug has.

3) Keep The Drug Safe

Of course, we will need the said drug in the court of law to prove our claim. So please keep it safe, along with the labels and prescriptions. We will need it soon. You may be eligible to get compensation for hospitalization, medical bills, pain and suffering, surgery, of lost income.

When you think you are ready to contact us, let us know and discuss your case. We will provide free consultation and evaluation of your case until you are satisfied to work with us. We will give you accurate feedback on your subject by keeping in mind all the possibilities and options. If we decide to help, we make sure we get you maximum compensation for your loss. We are never afraid of taking a legal challenge against the giant pharmaceutical companies. We stand with you until we get you what you deserve.

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