Downers Grove Leading Pace Accident Lawyers

Downers Grove Leading Pace Accident Lawyers

Paul FinaThe Downers Grove Pace transit system operates buses throughout Downers Grove and the suburbs and smaller programs like Vanpool or Paratransit. Its size is unsurprisingly large.

  • More than 700 buses
  • More than 200 lines
  • More than 600 vans, more than 350 Paratransit vehicles, and many community vehicles.

The Dark Side of Accidents

The Pace system is generally safe. With so many passengers, however, it is easy for the law of averages to catch up. In an average year, Pace accidents result in the deaths of two to three people and hundreds of injuries. The statistics won't apply to you if you are an accident victim, and you will need one of our Downers Grove Pace Accident Attorneys to protect your rights.

There are many types of actions that could be taken.

Depending on the accident's circumstances, you may file a claim against any or all of these parties.

  • The Downers Grove Regional Transportation Authority: If the accident can be attributed to a Pace driver or poor bus maintenance. These claims have special restrictions because any compensation will be paid out of taxpayers' pockets.
  • If a defective component of the bus caused the accident, the bus manufacturer. You would file something known as a product liability lawsuit in this instance, but you wouldn't have to prove fault.
  • Third-party: This could be a pedestrian or another motorist involved in the accident. Another driver rather than Pace causes many Pace bus crashes. As long as the other motorist wasn't a government representative, this type of claim would be treated like a personal injury claim. An auto insurance company would most likely pay it.
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