Upsetting The Status Quo. Again

Upsetting The Status Quo. Again

“2014 Litigator Award Winners median benchmark Verdict & Settlement hits an all time record high of nearly $500 Million Dollars per Award Winner”.

Upsetting The Status Quo. Again.

Bellevue, Washington: March 26, 2015 – In the Lawyer-Rating publishing industry, being a member of the old guard used to be enough. Today a small conservative group of forward thinking trial lawyers, who founded the Litigator Awards, are beating some of the world’s most powerful brands in publishing.

While the big box publishers keep giving the public less and less to like with “peer popularity” ratings, The Litigator Awards are upsetting the status quo and beating Goliath at his own game. We sum it up in two words: “Results Matter”. We knew if we could tie an award rating to a metric that we could measure, with that measurement being verifiable Verdict & Settlement Dollar Outcome Data rather than a committee based peer popularity contests – we’d have something totally unique. We’d have an Award-Rating the public would trust and feel good about.

Our story starts with people. We talked to hundreds of them, and to no ones surprise we found that people today want: #1 a trusted, reliable, completely independent resource to help them distinguish great lawyers in an endless sea of choice, and #2 an award-rating that reflects actual litigation achievement. And, they want to do it quickly online, through Google Search.

In a category full of sameness, the authenticity of The Litigator Awards truly stands apart. It resonates with people everywhere (clients & referring professionals alike) because it truly identifies the Top 1% of all Lawyers in more than 72 specific fields of expertise. Not based on friendship, popularity, old-boy networks, or other hocus-pocus, but by verifying the benchmark litigation triumphs that define greatness.

What’s more, we designed custom Micro-sites that spot-light the triumphs of award-winning law firms individually, offering the Credibility Currency” that is the life-blood of online advertising. Pushing traffic to Award Winners is National CNN Media Campaign in which promos were aired across four of the most watched Prime Time CNN Shows, including Anderson Cooper 360, Erin Burnett Up Front, Wolf Blitzer (Special), and CNN Prime News.

The value proposition is too compelling for most law firms to ignore. So much so that the Litigator Awards are unseating the most entrenched lawyer-rating brands in the industry, and the most powerful institutions anywhere.

Of the nearly 1.1 Million Lawyers that may be considered, only a select few will ever stand among this fraternity of super-star Trial Lawyers. In fact the 2014 Litigator Award Winners median benchmark Verdict & Settlement hit an all time record high in excess of $500 Million Dollars per award winner.

We are proud to be conferring 2014 Litigator Award ratings to some of the most prestigious and accomplished litigators in the nation.